Quickly and Easily Remove Different Android Locks Without a Password

Bypass FRP or Google Account Verification Without a Password

  • Bypass the Google Account Verification screen after factory resetting the device.
  • Remove the previous Google account from a second-hand phone.
  • Clear all the troubles caused by the Factory Reset Protection.

After unlocking, you can regain access to all of the features provided by the phone and sign in to the device with a new Google account.

Remove All Sorts of Screen Lock from Android Phone

  • Remove the screen lock when you forget your screen passcode.
  • Unlock the device even if the screen is broken and unresponsive.
  • Support various lock removal, including PINs, patterns, passwords, fingerprints, face ID and more.

The unlocking is permanent, ensuring you won’t face any further issues with daily use.

Remove Screen Lock from Samsung Phone Without Data Loss

  • All of your data will remain on the device after the unlocking.
  • Compatible with most Samsung phones and Android versions.

iDelock promises to keep your data and won’t cause privacy leakege or a virus infiltration during the unlocking process.

Remove Screen Lock of iDevices

  • Remove screen lock permanetely when you forgot the passcode.
  • Fix disabled/frozen/cracked iDevices with ease.
  • Compatible with all iPhone/iPad/iPod models.

Besides unlocking the traditional 4-digit and 6-digit passcode, you can also use iDelock when the Touch ID or Face ID is not working.

Work Seamlessly on Thousands of Android Phone Models Valueable Clients

No matter which brand of phone you are using or what Android version is running on it, iDelock will help you unlock the phone without any problems.

Unlock Your Android Phones in 3 Steps

Step 1: Choose a Mode

Choose a mode based on your situation.

Step 2: Connect Your Device

Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 3: Start to Unlock

Check and confirm your device status. Then you can follow the on-screen instructions to unlock your device.


FAQs :

Depending on the function you use, you might or might not lose the data on your device. For example, the “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” function will delete all data. On the other hand, the “Remove Screen Lock” function has a “Remove without Data Loss” mode, which will not lead to data loss.

  • Note: the “Remove without Data Loss” function only supports specific Samsung devices.

If you are trying to use the app and your device is not recognized, please try these solutions:

  • Fix 1: Unplug your device from your computer and relaunch WooTechy iDelock (Android). Once it has booted, plug your device again.
  • Fix 2: Try to plug your device to a different USB port on your computer. Moreover, try using the device’s original USB cable.
  • Fix 3: Restart both your computer and your device. Then, plug your device once more.
  • It is important to note that if your device is in recovery mode, it won’t be recognized by WooTechy iDelock (Android). On the app’s screen, you can click the “Click here” option that is behind “Is your device in recovery mode?”.

It depends on the function you are using. For instance, the “Remove Google Lock (FRP)” mode is only compatible with Samsung devices. On the other hand, the “Remove Screen Lock” mode is compatible with Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Huawei among others.

If you can’t figure out whether your device is compatible with the program or not, you can check it by getting the trial version. Once you install it, connect your device and check whether you have received the “Your Device Is Not Supported” message. Additionally, go through the list and spot your device name on it. In this case, your device is supported by the program.

Yes, this is one of the main functions of WooTechy iDelock (Android). The app makes sure to remove the old Google account from your device, even when you can’t remember the login credentials. Then, you can create a new Google account and log onto your device.

In reality, the only things you will need to remove the Google lock is to have a USB cable and a computer. You need to be able to connect your device to your computer and download the firmware packages needed for the process.

WooTechy iDelock makes the process very easy as you only need to connect your mobile to your computer. Once you do, iDelock will give you detailed instructions on what you need to do in each step.